Mustard Seeds in Babylon

The Kingdom of God at Work in the Government

Kingdom of God in Government

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Serving in government, I have often struggled with seeing that I was not alone, but there are others called to similar roles in different institutions and countries. However, knowing that we are not alone as a matter of fact is insufficient if we are still isolated from one another. That’s why I would like this book to serve as a tool for the building of a network, a community of believers in government across national boundaries, institutions, political spectrums, levels of government.

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About the Author

James (not his real name) has been a follower of Jesus for over two decades and sought to serve the kingdom throughout the journey. He has been serving in his national public administration for the good part of a decade, nationally and internationally representing his country in the context of the European Union. At the time of writing Mustard Seeds in Babylon, he serves his Country but also the Kingdom within that context. Admittedly, his own journey and Kingdom role within this sphere was not entirely clear. Indeed, that’s primarily what instigated the writing of the book. Prior to this current role, he has also worked in a small mission focused organization, primarily targeting unreached people groups.

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